Debut Author: Georgia Lyn Hunter & Absolute Surrender

Today I step away from historical by a story that pulled me in on angels and demons & this angel is HOT! Aethan!!! Love this story so I’m super excited to have here the great lady who introduced me to this fantastic story! Please help me welcome Georgia Lyn Hunter, author of her debut novel, Absolute Surrender.

GD: Hi Georgia, it’s a fabulous to have you here. We know you must be extremely busy after your release with interviews and such, but we’re dying to hear a bit more about you. Tell us about yourself and your writing—anything.

GLH: Thanks Gina. It’s always real pleasure to spend time with you.

I like solitude and am bit of an introvert, have been since childhood. I feel awkward, clumsy in a crowd, so I’m far happier with a book or writing. For the past nine years, I’ve lived in the Middle East with my family.

My writing day usually begins after my hubby and son have left for the day. I write until lunchtime, then break to be with my family who gets back home from work and school. In the evenings, I write/ edit or critique depending on what’s urgent. Friday is my off day to spend with my family. (Friday is weekend for us in this part of the world, incase you’re wondering. 🙂

GD: besides paranormal romances, did you ever think of straying outside your genre?

GLH: Yes, constantly. I have a YA that I’m in the stages of planning stages. It’s set in the futuristic world with elements of magical realism or something…hmmn, will see. Wrote three chapters already, loving the turns it’s taking 🙂  But have to put that on hold for a bit.

GD: Do you plot or just write from the seat of your pants, so to speak?

GLH: I always thought I was a panster, and realized I had no stopping point. Yup, I could beat the phone book in page count then. Now, I just go with an idea for 3 to 4 chapters, then I stop and plot out the rest. Just bare bones, because my characters more times then most, take over. It usually takes me on a different path then what I set out to do and I love when that happens. But more important, I have a stopping point.

GD: Is there any tips or tricks for world building you’d care to share?

GLH: it’s difficult to give actual steps. Research and more research. I searched the web, knew I wanted to write something different. I found the word: Empyreal, yep you guessed it, from there my Empyrean’s and the realm of Empyrea was born.

Everything just snowballed from there—though I hasten to point out, only glimpses of Empyrea are revealed in this book. In my next book you get to understand that world a lot more.

GD: What kind of heroes and heroines do you like to write?

GLH: Strong, alpha heroes, stubborn to the core, who think they need no one until the heroines come along and knock them on their gorgeous asses.

And heroines, sassy or shy but grow as the story progress, stand up for themselves and fight for what they believe in.

GD: How did you get your inspiration for this world and characters of your current  Fallen Guardian series?

GLH: My inspiration came from an idea. What would an immortal warrior who spends eternity alone, only to find his mortal mate as she lay dying. I needed more, a search through the web on demonology, angelology and mythology, and the word empyreal grabbed my attention.

And that’s how I got my world. But it wasn’t smooth sailing, many write and rewrites and finally the world I wanted emerged. I hasten to add, little is revealed in Absolute Surrender since its set in urban New York. But more is revealed in my next book, Darkness Undone.

I love the angel/ demon themes but didn’t want to write about angels as we know them. The word empyreal is what triggered my imagination and my Empyrean race was born. Created by another powerful Being to shape the perfection of the celestial angels, except nothing can be perfect and flaws will find a way.

GD: Do you name your muse?

GLH: Yes. Dammit! Followed by, Where the hell are you?

GD: I like that. J Now, if you had one paranormal ability what would that be?

GLH: To change the weather, to be Storm. Then I’ll create a weather phenomenon and make it snow in the Middle East 🙂

GD: So tell me, if you hadn’t become a writer, what do you think you would be doing right now?

GLH: Reading and playing games on Facebook.

GD: LOL. Seriously? Way too funny. Your muse would have struck you with white lightning! What’s up for you next?

GLH: My next book out will be another paranormal romance: Darkness Undone. It has an even darker hero with ties to the hero of Absolute Surrender. Working on revisions on my third book, and started writing my next FG (Fallen Guardian) book.

GD: Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for. Tell us about Absolute Surrender.

GLH: here’s the blurb.

Born in the flames of Heaven’s wrath, he’s all things sinful…and too dangerous to love.

An immortal guardian, Aethan’s walked alone for millennia, trapped in a hell of his own, until a feisty mortal crosses his path—a female he shouldn’t even look at, one who shakes the precarious foundations of all that he is—and one who’s determined to walk the edge of danger.

All her life, Echo Carter wanted “normal,” an impossible feat given that she can see demons. Now she’s determined to hunt down the demonii responsible for the death of her friend—and no man, no matter how sexy, will stop her—until she discovers a horrifying truth about herself, forcing her to turn to Aethan. But when two stubborn wills collide, a dangerous passion ignites…

As evil closes in, will this warrior overcome his darkest fears and claim her as his—or lose her to a far more sinister fate.

GD: Ah, darling Aethan…. But I digress. Apologies. Except for your family, is there one thing you can’t live without?

GLH: My laptop. My fictional families live in there.

GD: Favorite, non-alcoholic drink?

GLH: Ginger ale…see? Can’t stay away from the alcohol.

Thanks all for now folks. Here’s where you can find Georgia Lyn:

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  1. OOOO, Georgia, am going to have to get your book! Sounds fabulous! I love it too that you live in the Middle East! With the internet, it seems like such a small world! I’m so glad to read your interview!

  2. That was a very lovely interview, ladies. Georgia, I didn’t know you lived in the Middle East. I have some friends who love it and some who couldn’t wait to leave. I’m wishing you many sales.

    Gina, your twitter button only took met to twitter.

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