The Muse & A Horse

The Muse. The driving force inside us that inspires us to create the stories we write. The gateway to the voices inside our heads, the ones who scream write about me!! And once the gate opens, a flood of voices and emotions spill into our conscious, even prying into our subconscious. Sometimes, it’s hard to discern the storyline through all the mayhem. Other times, the problem lies our muse holding part back – giving the writer just enough to entice thus getting our hands to the keyboard and write only to then push us to “discover” just how the plot unfolds.

But how do you know your Muse?

IMG_1158           I discovered my muse is my horse, Shetan. I know, I know – a horse? Writers are slightly insane as it is – as Bob Mayer states, no sane, rational person knowingly sits down and writes 100,000 words – but a horse? I have a friend, a lawyer, who simply can’t believe it and gives me a bad time over this. But it is true. Shetan, my beautiful Arabian, is a perfect muse. Where I have him boarded is an hour drive away. A bite on gas but I get a space where I can think, play with plot, characters, ideas without people interrupting me. Yes, there is the cellphone but I veer clear of texting & driving and emailing. Mostly, I listen to soundtracks. Last few months, its either Fast5 or the latest, Spartacus: Vengeance (perfect since my current wip is on Rome). Set music, nothing really new, becomes background music – perfect for a mind to wander to.

The ranch my boy is at is not a public boarding place but private therefore mostly vacant of people. It is a place that I leave everything in the car, including the infamous cell, and spend time playing with my boy. As any horse owner will tell you, to spend time with one of these fabulous creatures is like manna from heaven. He touches my soul and renews me every time – regardless if we ride, do groundwork or just spend time together. It clears my head. Any tension, any pressures from everyday life lift. With all that gone, the story flows and plot problems untangle or get deeper.

Of course, sometimes, a new voice yells what about me?!? Yeah, another problem. The new “boyfriend.” Ooops!

So tell me – what or who inspires your Muse?

14 thoughts on “The Muse & A Horse

  1. I love that your muse is a horse Gina! That’s so unique and fantastic! My muse tends to be just anything, no one thing really inspires me, but music does play a big role in inspiration for me. Great post!

  2. My garden and chocolate. When I am weeding, I can ork on problems or story twists. When I am stuck I’ll promise myself chocolate if I finish.
    But having a horse as a muse sounds wonderful.

  3. My muse is in my head and tells me stories in the wee hours in the morning. Sometimes I talk to her, but I make sure I’m alone when I do. Right now, my muse is helping me write blogs for Ghost Lover, which is coming out Dec 2. Since my muse gave me the story, I think its only fair she helps me promote it as well. So far she’s being okay about her new duties. However, she is really pushing me to write the story with the blind guy shooting pigeons in Iowa. I haven’t even checked to see if pigeons can live in Iowa. It’s a strange place.

  4. The muse is such a fickle thing, and I identify with your problem of two as I have five. Yes – five. I’m working on a five book series. My inspirations come as I drive to work. Something about letting your mind relax, which allows the wee beasty to whisper in your ear.
    ‘See that driver, laughing? That could be NAME’, or ‘Hear the lyric of that song? Doesn’t it remind you of NAME?’
    The other time Ms. Muse visits is just as I am falling asleep. I now keep a pad of paper by my bedside. I may not be able to read my writing… but I can usually figure out the gist of where my thoughts were.
    Good luck with your writing.

  5. Gina, funny you should be inspired by your horse. I am inspired by cats. The hero of Lord Monroe’s Dark Tower is Flavian–a cat who fell in love with my sister (and she with him). She used to say if he were human, he’d be the perfect husband.

    My first novel, A Rogue in Sheep’s Clothing, stars a horse. That horse was me when I was growing up. I was mad for horses and used to pretend I was a dapple gray stallion. I thundered around the house on my hands and knees, and during any car ride I day dreamed that I was actually galloping down the side of the road leaping fences and forging rivers. I loved being a horse.

    • Yes I was same as a child about horses – through I galloped on 2 legs, had a stick horse, model horses, etc. Now I have a living one…so much nicer 🙂

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