The Wicked North
(Dark Victorian)

Bound by duty and honor to wear the Union blue, a Southern-born West Point officer fights his own desires and the need to protect the woman he abandoned, he disobeys his orders to find her, as the Army of the Potomac marches toward her family’s home near Richmond.

She has the guts and willpower to protect her home from the hated Yankee aggressors, but when that traitor to the South appears at her door, she’s torn between wanting to shoot him and to be held in his arms again. Can she forgive him for their past indiscretion or does she turn him in to be executed, a traitor to both sides?

In the summer of 1862, her family’s plantation becomes the personal battle ground between them as deceit, betrayal and passion ignite the flames of love and hate that burn brighter than the roar of the guns and rivers of blood surrounding them.

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The Wicked Bargain


Haunted by a past as a sex slave, nobleman Ethan Warth returns to England as a male courtesan for rich matrons and runs a brothel for wealthy lords. Arabella Covington appears on his door, trained in the medical arts but unable to practice because of her gender. He hires her to care for his ladies but her inquisitive nature and beauty make him desire to teach her the world of seduction.

Ethan, however, never counted on falling in love…

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Her Eternal Rogue
(Regency with paranormal influence)

Alexander Barrington flees his tyrannical uncle for the open seas where he becomes a ruthless pirate who turns vampire.

Captured and sentence to hang, a fate he must avoid to keep his vampire self hidden, a reprieve comes if he rescues Lady Lavinia Sinclair from the French pirates and returns her to her fiancé in England.

In this Vampire Diaries meets Pirates of the Caribbean, Alexander falls for the woman who makes him feel human and alive, but can he really have her without exposing what he is – a thief, the undead? The damned? Refusing to taint her innocence any further, he erases her memory of him and vanquishes into the night but can he really exist without her?

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GinaDanna_Love&Vengeance_2500pxLove & Vengeance
The Gladiators series, Book I (Dark Ancient Rome)

Rome 108 A.D., under the Emperor Trajan, is the center of the civilized world. It is a time of sophistication and decadence, a brutal world to their conquered.

Marcus, a Roman citizen sentenced to die as a gladiator, accused by his wife and brother for a crime he did not commit. Yet death eludes him and he rises to become champion of the sands. The title he does not want. He seeks revenge but his victories in the Colosseum bestow monetary rewards he can use to save a beautiful slave, Gustina, from certain death by the beasts. She gives him a taste of love in a world full of lies, betrayal and murder.

But his overwhelming desire for vengeance, for blood and the kill, brings a higher price tag – can he satisfy the demon inside him and face the truth? A truth that will kill the woman he loves?

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GinaDanna_Great&UnfortunateDesires_2500pxAGreat & Unfortunate Desires (Dark English Victorian)

Operating as a British spy, Tristan St.James, the new Marquis of Wrenworth, barely escapes Afghanistan with his life in the spring of 1869. He plans to seek vengeance against the traitor who exposed him and for the agent he’s forced to kill. Returning to England, as a lord, he must marry. Haunted by guilt from the horrors of war, he avoids love at all costs, but finds himself drawn to the only woman who is disinterested in him.

Lady Evelyn Hurstine has waited over two years for the return of her love, a man who left for war in the East. But during that time, she suffered a brutal assault, resulting in a child and fear of any man touching her except for the man she once knew. The pursuit by the marquis scares her but her excuses against his proposal dwindle.

Their marriage strengthens into love until she discovers her husband isn’t the safety she believed but the one who killed the man she once loved. Caught in a world of intrigue and mayhem, Tristan must prove his love to her before the traitor destroys them both.

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GinaDanna_Love&Lies_200Love & Lies

The Gladiators series, Book II (Ancient Rome, prequel to Love & Vengeance)

100 CE under the rule of Emperor Trajan, Ganius is a Celt brought delivered to Rome to die in the Colosseum by a gladiator’s sword, a sentence for his killing Roman soldiers in his village. Their rule had proven to harsh but to fight meant the death of his brother in a cruel way that made him attack. But he fought back on the sands of the Colosseum, gaining the crowd’s appeal for life. Now bought as a gladiator, his goal is simple – become champion, gain his freedom and return home to kill the Roman soldiers.

Aurelia is a proper Roman lady under the guardianship of her brother Caius. Betrothed to marry a Roman general, a man older than her, one she hasn’t seen in years, she’ll do anything to gain her freedom. She witnesses Ganius’ defeat of his sentence and convinces her brother to buy him for his own school of gladiators. Caius denies her nothing, except for the dissolution of her betrothal.

Ganius soon finds himself attracted to Aurelia – a woman he should detest because she is Roman. Yet her attention makes him realize she is the key to his freedom. The problem is can he use her to get free but leave her at the hands of her incestuous brother? Is she willing to forget her upbringing to be free herself?

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****Works in progress****

Unconditional Surrender
(Dark Victorian)

Confederate officer Charles Silvers is sent on a mission to deliver goods to the Southern forces in mid-Louisiana, Spring 1863. His path takes him to his sister Emma and brother-in-law Jack Fontaine’s home above occupied New Orleans.

At Bellerive plantation, there is another visitor – Sarah Lawrence. She is there to deliver a message to Jack concerning his return to wearing the Union Blue. With his reply in hand, she needs to return to Virginia, without saying she needs further into Union lines. Charles becomes smitten the Southern Belle right away and confides it is a coincidence that he too must report to the Confederate command in Richmond. He’d be happy to escort her, totally unaware that the blushing lady knows how to use her pretty face to play men. But Jack knows her wiles and warns her to leave Charles alone, which she claims she will.

But Sarah isn’t what she appears to be. She’s one of the best Union spies in the Confederacy and she sees Charles as a tool to use to get the information she needs – even at the cost of her heart.


Love & Damnation

The Gladiators series

(Ancient Rome)

Lucius Flavius, heir of a wealthy Roman family, has the perfect life, betrothed to the most beautiful lady of the city, and lover to the most erotic slave he’s ever seen. To stop him from destroying the family name over this strumpet, his father sends his son to the family’s holdings in the northern provinces to rethink his decisions – a trip that will cost Lucius his freedom when attacked by villains on the road.

Arianna is more Celtic fighter than Roman lady. Yanked from life as she knows it when the Romans capture her village north of Rome and enslave her, her venom at anything Roman climbs to hatred until she finds among the other slaves, a somber yet stunning Roman man, way too attractive for her to ignore.

The two form an alliance to pool their resources and escape. But enemies of his father find Lucius and in their quest for revenge, promise freedom to Arianna if she helps them. Will her hatred of Romans with her desire for freedom drive her to turn in the man she’s come to love or risk everything in escaping with him to Rome to survive or die by Roman hands?