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To Kiss A Lady

At the end of the Social Season, Wesley Lockington, Viscount Riverdale, is still unwed despite his best efforts. Disheartened by the string of rebuffs, he decides to seek the comfort of family at his country house for the holidays. A wonderful idea until his plans suddenly include escorting a friend’s female relation to her family. Unfortunately, the lady despises him.

Lady Rose Harris survived a harrowing Season, thankfully avoiding a bad marriage. But now, her hopes of a quiet holiday are dashed when she finds one the most despicable rakes of the ton as her escort. His apparent penchant for married women is the height of bad taste, but refusing him would be rude, so she accepts his offer to see her safely home.

The trip to the country soon turns disastrous when an unexpectant snowstorm forces them to shelter at a wayside tavern. Worse, when Riverdale falls ill with the dangerous influenza sweeping the ton. Rose finds herself obliged to nurse this rake back to health. Being isolated with him ruined her reputation, leaving her with no choice but to accept Riverdale’s proposal of marriage.

Love is a new emotion for Riverdale. Once he discovers his newfound feelings for his wife, can he prove himself to Rose and earn her love and, more importantly, her trust?

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