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Historians are dangerous people.  They are capable of upsetting everything.

N Khrushchev

The above statement is so correct.  Historians are an odd set – we love the past. Every aspect – Ancient Greece and Rome to current history like the Gulf War. What used to be called Dead White Man’s history has evolved into the whole spectrum of civilization. How does one comprehend this vast data base?

Interpretation. That’s what we do. Research. Analyze. Decipher. An adventure. How? It’s more than textbooks or government paperwork. But to get into society, look further. Sermons, songs, poetry, novels….ah, yes, novels. In this case, romance novels. For the discerning eye, one can interpret current society by books. Alexander Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo are romance novel as is Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and compare them to today’s. Are they so different? No, just the interpretation, set by Society’s norms.

I write historic romance. As a historian, I demand accuracy of my portrayal of the period I’m writing about. But the real story lies in the characters, who they are, why they do what they did? Are they very different than us today? Many ways, no. But how we weave their story changes today from Jane Austin. My stories involve people we want to know, who are like of us, fighting the same demons and looking for the same type of love – the end-all, heart-pumping, blood-racing, to die for type of love.